What are flashings?

Flashing is a general term used to describe some kind of water proofing on critical areas of your roof. Flashing can be aluminum (for chimneys, valleys & pipes) or flashing cements such as caulking & tar. Also self stick under-lament can be called "flashing" as well as Ice guard, ice & water shield and roofing tape.

What does roof deck preparation actually mean?

The roof deck refers to the exposed wood. "Prepping" the deck refers to replacing the bad wood,
re-nailing wood to help prevent warping or lifting, cleaning debris off the roof and pulling any protruding nails.

What brand of shingle roofing do you recommend?

When speaking of asphalt residential shingles, I usually recommend GAF, Owens Corning or Certainteed. There are other brands but I've used all of these brands consistently for 22 years and have never had a problem. In my opinion, I would choose a color & style that is less likely to be discontinued. If you were to build an addition or come across storm damage, you are more likely to find a matching shingle down the road.
What are roof under-layments?

Roof under-laments are the membranes installed on the roof deck under the finished roofing shingle. Ice guard & felt paper are the most common although synthetic under-lament and sand base sheet can be used depending on the type of finished roofing materials.

Sometimes I hear roofers installing roofs in my neighborhood using nail guns. Is it better to use hand nails?

Using nail guns can be tricky for a roofer who is trying to nail fast. All nails need to be in its proper place and need to be flush with the shingle. Bad craftsmanship is not limited to just those who use nail guns. Most newer nail guns and air compressors allow the roofer to adjust air pressure and nail depth. Some nail guns have gauges to help keep the shingles straight. I believe its all about the person actually doing the installation and not about his/her method of fastening.

Asphalt Shingle Roofing

They are one of the most widely used roofing covers because they are relatively inexpensive and fairly simple to install.

Two types of asphalt shingles are used: organic and fiberglass or glass fiber, Most manufactures offer a 5- to 10-year warranty against algae growth. Shingles are judged by warranty and ASTM test standards. We use the best quality shingles for the protection of your roof, home and family...

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New Construction

New or Old we will get the job done....

We handle all roofing and gutter needs including the New Construction Market...

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Water proofing

Waterproofing is used in reference to building structures (basements, decks, wet areas, roofs, etc.)

The objective of making your roof water resistant or waterproof. This process stops the penetration of water, water vapor, or condensation on the area you are waterproofing which in most cases is your roof.
Again, we use the best products and the latest technology along with qualified installers to get the job done right the first time. There is nothing more important to protect you from the elements ...than your roof.

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What our Clients are saying

"Ralph" hired us to install his roof after two prior unsuccessful roofing installations. Ice damage was his main problem. We installed a triple course of ice guarding plus we did some extra carpentry work along the exterior wood shake walls to help solve his problem."

"Jeff" repeatedly had ice back-up problems on his home in Parma. His gutters were too small and always filled with debris. We eventually installed new roofing, insulated siding plus industrial sized gutters capped with leaf relief gutter screening. Jeffs home is now beautiful and leak free."

"One of my best customers is "George" from Strongsville. He has a very large home and he wanted to do his roof in stages to save money. I told him to wait until I received a coupon from my supplier so I could deduct from the cost of the garage roof. We did the same thing the following year to finish the job. We saved George hundreds of dollars."

"Mary" from Brookpark was really in need of a new roof but wanted to save money at the same time. Other contractors told her she had to have the old roof torn off. I completely disagreed and we did a beautiful re-roof for her at half the cost."

"John & Jen" are really good customers from Strongsville. We installed their roof and ever since then he calls me all the time to say hello and give me job leads. John is a realtor and if anyone is in need of a great local realtor, give me a call and I will give you his number."

"Vince" from Maple Heights was having major water damage on his flat roof due to wind damage. Surrounded by several sloped shingle roofs that had to be re-done as well just to make sure we could do our job right. I worked with him and his insurance adjuster and found a way to make the entire process easy to understand."

"Bob" from Garfield Heights had a back porch roof that would continuously leak. It was roof over several times and nothing seemed to work. unfortunately we had to rebuild the entire porch. We tried to make it look exactly like the old one. The new porch is awesome and leak free. It is a walk-out roof that is actually able to be walked on."